4 Cute Ways to Style a Scarf

Mon Apr 30 2018 by Mellisa Moyle

Scarf Style Tips

Do you happen to own plenty of scarves yet never seem to know how to wear them? Or are you someone who believes scarves are strictly for cooler weather? Here we discuss how you can include a scarf into your own unique style year round. 

In terms of accessories, we have it pretty good when it comes to scarves. Just think about it for a moment…A scarf will never ditch you when you’re fat, pregnant or wrinkly. It will comfort you in the cold and shield you from the sun. A scarf will hold back your hair when it’s windy. It will help you dress up or down, and it certainly doesn’t mind being thrown in your handbag. They also have a tendency to stick around. Simply put, a scarf is low maintenance while also extremely stylish.

So, naturally this leads some people to wonder; how exactly should I wear my scarf? With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to see how you could feel overwhelmed! 

For most people your scarf style will come down to comfort, while the more fashionably advanced might dabble with a few more daring looks.

With the help of stylist Andrea Lewin, we've chosen 4 cute (yet simple) ways you can style your scarf next time you're feeling in the mood for some cashmere or silk!

Here’s 4 looks you can experiment with:

1. The Classic

In its simplest form, The Classic is when one half of the scarf is casually thrown over your shoulder while the other hangs in front. Easy to wear between seasons and materials. You can also throw both ends over your shoulder (see images).

Scarf: Gathering Mussels in silk by Kerry McCarthy

2. The Classic Knot

The Classic Knot can be achieved by meeting each end so it resembles a long loop. Wrap the scarf around your neck (still looped) then pull the loose ends of the scarf through the looped end and twist it around the front of your neck so it resembles a tie. From here you can loosen or tighten the scarf to your desire, as well as pulling at the neck to add more volume.

Scarf: Overland Sigh in cashmere by Emma Kerslake

3. The Loose Knot

A more relaxed version of The Classic Knot, this twist works well in Autumn/Spring. Knot the ends once about half way down the length of the scarf and tighten or loosen as you wish.

Scarf: Pandanus in silk cotton by Kerry McCarthy

4. The Necklace

Another one which is probably best for cold temperatures, however, this style can also be played with in Autumn/Spring with silk or silk cotton styles.

There’s a couple of ways you can do this. One way is to tie the ends and make a small double knot. Place the scarf around your neck then twist and wrap it around once or twice (depending on the length and how snug you want it). Finish it off by loosening some of the edges to make it more comfortable and stylish.    

The other way is to wrap it around your neck a few times and then pull the bottom out so the ends hang down your chest.

Scarf: Yam Seeds in cashmere by Anna Price

We’ll be back soon with more styling tips.


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