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Our curated collection at Kirrikin showcases stunning artworks on handcrafted and sustainable fabrics, bringing together the beauty of art and fashion. We offer a range of exquisite clothing accessories, including silk and cashmere scarves, silk neckties, bowties, and pocket squares. Each piece features exclusive designs inspired by Aboriginal artwork, traditions, culture, and our deep connection to the land, capturing the essence of Australia and embodying the spirit and creativity of Indigenous art.

The word "Kirrikin" holds a special meaning to us, translating roughly to "Sunday's best clothes." This word was part of the original language recorded by missionaries in the Hunter Valley during the early 1820s and has become a symbol of our commitment to Wonnarua language revitalization. We take pride in personally sourcing talented Indigenous artists to create our ranges. With a keen eye for emerging artists and their incredible artworks, we carefully curate designs that seamlessly transition from canvas to fabric. It's fascinating to see how many of these artists had a dream that their work would adorn fabrics one day.

As an Indigenous registered business, we are dedicated to supporting our Aboriginal communities. With every Kirrikin purchase, a percentage of the proceeds directly benefits the featured Indigenous Australian artist involved in the design. By choosing our products, you are making a meaningful contribution to the artists and their cultural heritage. Thank you for joining us in supporting and celebrating Indigenous Australian art and culture. Explore our collection and discover the beauty, craftsmanship, and rich stories woven into each Kirrikin accessory. Together, let's make a positive impact and honor the legacy of our talented artists.

Amanda Healy

DIRECTOR of Waru Project Pty Ltd KIRRIKIN

Amanda is a proud Wonnarua woman from the Hunter Valley in NSW. With a remarkable career spanning over 35 years in the mining industry, she has garnered extensive experience working with renowned companies such as BHP, Rio Tinto, and WMC. In 2014, driven by a passion for preserving Indigenous culture, Amanda founded Kirrikin as a social enterprise to address the shortage of authentic Indigenous products in the market.

Kirrikin has since become synonymous with excellence in the fashion world, thanks to its unique approach of digitally printing stunning Aboriginal artwork onto luxurious cashmeres and silks. This innovative process results in exquisite scarves and ties that not only showcase the beauty of Indigenous art but also contribute to its preservation.

Amanda Healy

Today, Kirrikin enjoys a growing international reputation and is cherished not only in Australia but also in the USA and Europe. The brand's commitment to quality and cultural authenticity has been recognized through prestigious awards, including the Indigenous in Business Award and an Ecommerce award through the Export Council of Australia. As a finalist in national awards, Kirrikin continues to make its mark in the fashion industry, offering a range of products that not only celebrate Indigenous art but also support the artists behind them.

Join us in supporting Indigenous artists and experience the beauty of Kirrikin's collection. Explore our range of scarves and ties today to be a part of this meaningful journey.

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Sustainable fashion meets contemporary Indigenous art. Each unique piece showcases the incredible talent of Indigenous artists. With every purchase, you directly support the artist behind the design. Join us in celebrating culture, identity, and art. Shop now and make a statement that goes beyond fashion.


Embrace the essence of Australia with our Aboriginal-inspired designs. Rooted in the Wonnarua language and heritage, our creations embody identity, traditions, and the connection to the land. Discover the spirit of Kirrikin through our spirited products that celebrate Aboriginal culture.

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