Amanda Healy


Amanda, a proud Wonnarua woman from the Hunter Valley in NSW, brings over 35 years of experience in the mining industry, working with renowned companies like BHP, Rio Tinto, and WMC. In 2014, she founded Kirrikin as a social enterprise to address the shortage of authentic Indigenous products.

Kirrikin digitally prints stunning Aboriginal artwork onto luxurious cashmeres and silks, creating exquisite scarves and ties. With a growing international reputation, Kirrikin is loved not only in Australia but also in the USA and Europe.

Recognised for its excellence, Kirrikin has received the prestigious Indigenous in Business Award and an Ecommerce award through the Export Council of Australia. As a finalist in national awards, Kirrikin continues to make its mark in the fashion industry.

Join us in supporting Indigenous artists and experience the beauty of Kirrikin's collection. Explore our range of scarves and ties today.

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Discover the essence of Kirrikin, an Aboriginal word that embodies the concept of "Sunday's best clothes." Rooted in the original language recorded by missionaries in the 1820s, Kirrikin represents the rich heritage of the Wonnarua people and their language revitalisation.

We take pride in reintroducing the word Kirrikin to the world, honoring its cultural significance and celebrating the beauty of Indigenous traditions. Join us on this journey as we embrace the spirit of Kirrikin and showcase its meaning through our exceptional collection. Experience the essence of Indigenous culture through our clothing and accessories.