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ECONYL regenerated nylon performs exactly the same as brand new nylon - sustainable.
Traditional production methods for Nylon are not kind to the environment.

Manufacturing of Nylon requires huge amounts of water and produces a high amount of nitrous oxides which is 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide. The process also uses a massive amount of energy. Finally Nylon is not biodegradable - much of it ending up in our oceans.

ECONYL uses waste in the form of industrial plastics, yarn discards and fabric scraps - including the take back programs of a number of global brands.
The reclaimed materials go through a groundbreaking process which restores the properties inherent in nylon produced from raw fossil materials.

This yarn created the base fabric for the Swimwear Collection.

Tailored Shorts Grevillea
Alice Flirty Dress Ripple
Tailored Trouser Grevillea
Erin Wrap Dress Ripple