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Uniquely Australian Gifts 

Heighten your corporate gifting experience through presenting a truly exceptional Australian gift. Kirrikin’s products are relationship building products, B2B. They lay a foundation of mutual respect and recognition of peers and partnership through business. The exceptionality of our Indigenous registered business is of great interest for Australian based companies looking for a truly unique Australian product to give to overseas associates and delegates, as well as strengthening your corporate image.

The best gifts are heart-felt and show it, presenting the personality of the gift giver whilst reflecting the personality, ideals and interests of the recipient. The story Kirrikin offers revolves around building positive relationships between the traditional owners of our land and business, in a way that is of benefit to not only the individual artist, but the broader community as a whole.

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Social Responsibility

As Kirrikin grows and develops, we commit to train up Aboriginal people for management and design roles, collaborating to push Indigenous textile designs and Indigenous participation in business to the next level. In the meantime we are obtaining paid usage of existing works, commissioning works, and organising to promote these artists extensively.

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Custom ranges, bulk production and timely delivery are manageable due to our existing supply chain relationships directly to our Australian based artists and manufacturers. Kirrikin is set to become the preferred supplier of high quality corporate gifts. Our product is superior to our competitors, presenting luxury in an accessible manner. For the quality of the product, and the uniqueness of the product, you will quickly ascertain the competitive positioning of Kirrikin.

To discuss your business requirements, obtain pricing for bulk, or to set up an account, please don’t hesitate to contact us direct on 1300 55 20 27 or email