Kirrikin Narelda Yonga’s Dress

WONDERFUL PEOPLE AT KIRRIKIN "I attended a Swan Valley function in Parliament House Canberra last week and bought my wife one of your scarf/wraps. She is absolutely delighted with it and loves the design, and the texture of the material. Thank you so much for a beautiful product. I wish you well for the future - and keep designing." Ken Mitchell (and Jill), ACT

WEARABLE ART"I attended an exhibition of Kerry McCarthy's at Japingka Gallery in Perth. At the same time, Kirrikin was introduced, a new company that’s supporting phenomenal Aboriginal artists from across Australia by taking their art and putting it on cashmere and silk scarves and ties. We met Kerry Madawyn McCarthy and saw her art on display and on Kirrikin scarves.

The cool thing about what Kirrikin are doing is taking the wonderful art of these Aboriginal women and by putting the art on articles of clothing and opening up the doors to a global market for the merchandise, these artists get streams of income for years to come from the sales. So, sustainable economic support to the artists! Many of the artists have painted and sold the paintings, thus taking in cash, but not having sustainable income from the beautiful paintings they do. This e-commerce opportunity creates that enduring and sustaining income chain. It was a wonderful event and so awesome to hear Kerry talk about the reason and passion for several of her paintings." Stan Fleming, Colorado Springs, USA