Shenzhen Fashion Week 2019


Kirrikin - The Hills Kimono

Ethereal Elevation: The Hills Collection by Kirrikin

Artist by Francine Kickett

In a mesmerizing display of cultural fusion and artistic brilliance, Francine Kickett's "The Hills" collection took center stage at Shenzhen Fashion Week 2019. The collection, a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary elements, featured an exquisite array of garments designed by the acclaimed artist. The highlight of the collection was the "Hills Kimono," a masterpiece that seamlessly merged indigenous Australian artistry with Japanese flair, creating a stunning visual narrative. Complementing this was the "Blossom Bikini," a delicate ensemble that captured the essence of both nature and femininity. Francine Kickett's artistic prowess continued to shine through in the form of flowing "Sunset Dresses," adorned with vibrant hues reminiscent of a picturesque horizon. The "Hinterland House Dress" and "Australis Pants" showcased a versatile range, offering comfort without compromising on elegance. The Hills Collection was a testament to Kickett's ability to weave stories through fabric, leaving an indelible mark on the global fashion landscape.

Kirrikin - The Hills Dress
Kirrikin - The Hills House Dress
Kirrikin - The Hills Bikini
Kirrikin - The Hills Pants
Shenzhen Fashion Week 2019 - Kirrikin
The Overland Sigh Short Dress
The Overland Sigh Long Dress
The Waterholes Kimono
The Waterholes Dress
The Native Pear Dress
The Native Pear Long Pants
The Emu Feathers Dress
The Emu Feathers Dress Detail
The Nature's Ants Dress
The Nature's Ants Bikini Swimwear
The Saltwater Dreaming Swimwear
The Saltwater Dreaming Dress
The Ripple Swimwear - Split
The Ripple Swimwear
The Jellyfish Short
The Jellyfish Pants