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Yirrigan Yorgas is a program run with the assistance of profits from Kirrikin and Kirrikin Summer – we run a yarning circle and arts program for Aboriginal Women at Bandyup prison in the Swan Valley of WA.

A few facts according to the Australian Human Rights Commission:

  • Indigenous women are currently incarcerated at a rate higher than any other group in Australia - including that of Indigenous men.
  • Over-representation of Indigenous women occurs in the context of intolerably high levels of family violence, over-policing for selected offences, ill-health, unemployment and poverty.
  • Studies of Indigenous women in prison reveal life in a society fraught with danger from violence.
  • Removal of Indigenous women from the community has significant consequences and potentially exposes children to risk of neglect, abuse, hunger and homelessness.
  • Indigenous women also serve comparatively shorter sentences, suggesting a general failure to employ the principle of imprisonment as a last resort.
  • Once imprisoned, recidivism statistics show that Indigenous women are at greater risk of returning to jail.

We assist women during their time in prison and are working on post-release programs.  We are working to provide hope in an area where none currently exists.

Kirrikin appreciates your support in our efforts to make it a safer world for all women.



Since it’s inception Kirrikin has worked with the Starlight Foundation to provide support for this wonderful and important organisation.  Each year we donate some of our scarves, and limited edition prints to help raise funds for kids in hospital.

Many of our kids come from remote communities, and Kirrikin loves supporting these amazing humans!



Kirrikin is proud to support many other small Aboriginal businesses through donations and support.  Recently we were honoured to be able to assist with the ‘Return to Country’ of the Mungo Man.

We have also supported the following businesses:

  • Bindi Bindi Dreaming
  • Aboriginal Women in Mining
  • Aboriginal Leadership Centre
  • Broome Bowling Club Tournament
  • Connells Point Primary School NSW (Fundraiser)